Demo Booking App

This reservation system is meant to accommodate small-to-medium-sized inns, motels, lodges, or any place in which rooms are rented out.

The app has been designed to handle the bare necessities of a booking system. For the sake of simplicity, the only person able to log into the system is the innkeeper. If you would like your customers to have their own login, that can be added.

Other functionalities can be added per the client's request.


  • Allow website visitors to book & pay on your website
  • Secure login portal for innkeeper
  • Add, edit, delete & refund customers & bookings
  • Add, edit and delete cabins/rooms

The system comes along with a responsive, custom-designed website, and a host of other features that is standard among any work I do for any website in general.

The pages you will see here do not exactly reflect what the product will look like after it is set up for your business. Each innkeeper will have their own needs, and the website will be designed to portray the vibe of your business. The simple styling is just to show how the app works and is for demonstration purposes.

If you are interested in viewing the administrative sections of this system, please email me here. I can then set you up with a username and password to log in.

To see some examples of my work outside of this demo, and for more information, please visit techpress.net.

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